Following many years of experience guiding undergraduate and postgraduate students about to embark on their careers, Mary believes that there isn’t a problem that cannot be overcome with dedication, courage and conviction.

She takes a unique approach to all her clients with individually tailored programmes, whether you are:

  • Just starting out in the media
  • Returning to work after a career break
  • Aiming to progress to the next editorial role
  • At a crossroads and need to figure out your next move

For those wanting to freelance or set-up a publishing company, but haven’t quite got the confidence – Mary can help with an individually tailored freelance writer boot camp programme.

For more details please get in touch.


A mutual acquaintance referred me to Mary for help with establishing myself as a freelance feature writer. As a journalist I had the writing skills, but neither the knowledge nor confidence to market those skills. We live at opposite ends of the country so spoke by ‘phone: I still refer to the notes I took that day.

Mary explored my areas of interest, my strengths and my objectives, and encouraged me to see that in seeking outlets for my work I was offering professional skills, not asking for favours. She gave me lots of practical advice (setting up a website, making that important initial contact, negotiating fees, asking editors for PDFs of my work, etc) but, just as importantly, Mary gave me confidence in myself. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a mentor and guide. Betsy Everett, freelance journalist