Profiles and biographies have always fascinated me. Everybody has a story to tell and knowledge to share – from TV personalities to fiction writers.

Here is a selection of my favourite interview and profile pieces – some Q&A style, others written in the first person. If you like the preview, click on the link to download the PDF and read in full.

Aldo Zilli
Aldo Zilli

Aldo Zilli
Vegetarian food is about creativity and working with the seasons, says celebrity chef and author Aldo Zilli, who will be taking his restaurant outside on 1 October to mark the day.
Read more. . .  Aldo Zilli interview (Vegetarian Living)



Alexander McCall Smith
Alexander McCall Smith

Writing is a conversation
Alexander McCall Smith speaks to Mary Hogarth about the No.1 lady detective, cappuccinos and how to write a novel.
Read more. . . Alexander McCall Smith says. . . (Writers’ Forum)

Kathy Lette
Kathy Lette

A writer never stops
A thoroughly modern mum she may be, but Kathy Lette prefers a notebook to jot down ideas. And as for twittering, she’d rather send smoke signals.
Read more. . .

Jane Green
Jane Green

My characters tell their own stories
Bestselling author Jane Green reveals the secrets of her success and how her writing partner helps her get to the end of her first draft. As told to Mary Hogarth.
Read more. . .  Jane Green reveals. . . (Writers’ Forum)

Minette Walters
Minette Walters

Let your characters tell their story
The best way to write a book is to start with an idea and develop your characters, says Minette Walters. But then do check they’ve got their facts right…
Read more. . . Minette Walters reveals. . . (Writers’ Forum)

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